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Ring of Fire

A fun disc golf mini game, each player putts at the basket at the same time. Everyone who makes it, moves to the next round. Back up and do it again. if no one makes it, then everyone is back in. Last one standing, wins a prize. In this case winner gets the basket they

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Octimate is a socially-distanced disc game originally cultivated by Louis Gosart and members of the LA Throwback Foundation as part of an initiative to provide safe ways to play ultimate during the pandemic. However, to come up with some new games, Louis first had to understand what makes ultimate risky to play during a pandemic.

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Space Disc

Space Disc fundamentally removes the riskiest element of ultimate. This article was written by Pepper Williams, the inventor of Space Disc. Here in Portland, Oregon, we have a thriving masters/grandmasters/great-grandmasters ultimate community. We’ve had a pickup game literally every Sunday for the past 10 years or so, where we average as many as 40 players

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Toronto Socially Distanced Ultimate

The Phase 2, socially-distancing friendly game for people who are comfortable playing catch The set up: Try to find a full size soccer net that is just a standing frame (2 posts and a cross bar), with no mesh. You’ll also need at least 15 yards of flat grass behind the net. Aim to bring

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Tip Game

Create a circle with 5-6 people. The goal is to get as many tips as possible before making the catch. You can either catch with 2 hands (beginner) or 1 hand (advanced). This game is a practice drill for Guts Frisbee, which is why learning to do this game with 1 hand is important.

Galaxy Wars

Galaxy Wars is essentially Schteattle Schtick, but with more than 2 teams. This is best played if you have 100+ kids, and 1 disc for every 1 or 2 players. This is a simple game that you can also find a version online, look at more at! Players are divided into equal teams of

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Beach ultimate / beach goaltie / geach, whatever you want to call it, players can organize a game at anytime. The Kelowna Ultimate League doesn’t officially organize games, but there is a kit floating around. Post to the Kelowna Ultimate Facebook Group to rally together a crew and find the kit!

Mini Guts

Guts, with a mini disc, mixed with dodgeball. Disc: Rules: It is played by two teams with anywhere from 2 to unlimited players per team. The official disc is the Wham-O Mini Frisbee due to its light weight and superior aerodynamics. The playing field consists of two goals lines 15 feet apart marked by

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Frisbee Beyblade

Players: 2+ Ages: 3+ Equipment: 1 frisbee per player Gameplay: All players sit in a circle and spin their frisbee on the ground at the same time. The player whose frisbee is the last one spinning is the winner. This game was created by middle school students at St. Martha School in Calgary, Alberta, Canada.


Disc sports is an ageless game. You can play so many sports with a disc from the time you’re a few years old to well into your 90’s: Ultimate, disc golf, dog disc, guts, freestyle, distance, self caught flight, goaltimate, cups, double disc court, discathon, accuracy. Have an open mind. Play catch. Invent games.