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Jackpot is an incredibly simple game that all you need is a single disc. Designate a thrower that is able to throw the disc about half the field. Bunch everybody else into a group about 150 feet away from the thrower. The thrower will throw the disc high and far towards the group. The group

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Space Disc

Space Disc fundamentally removes the riskiest element of ultimate. This article was written by Pepper Williams, the inventor of Space Disc. Here in Portland, Oregon, we have a thriving masters/grandmasters/great-grandmasters ultimate community. We’ve had a pickup game literally every Sunday for the past 10 years or so, where we average as many as 40 players

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Toronto Socially Distanced Ultimate

The Phase 2, socially-distancing friendly game for people who are comfortable playing catch The set up: Try to find a full size soccer net that is just a standing frame (2 posts and a cross bar), with no mesh. You’ll also need at least 15 yards of flat grass behind the net. Aim to bring

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Partner MTA

For each attemptAfter the thrower releases the disc, they must tag their partner before the partner catches the throw. Thrower and catcher alternate for each attempt. If you want the catcher to run: Start out with the partner standing close to the thrower. Once the throw is release, the thrower tags the partner, who then

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This game is similar to TRC, but has a catching zone to include a focus on accuracy. This game was adapted for ultimate players to work on pulling, and learning to read the wind, both for throwing and catching. Setup Make field as shown using the standard eight cones used in ultimate. Each shaded area

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Disc Bowling

If you have bowling pins, great! If not, use a few soda bottles, or plastic water bottles. You may want to put a little water in the bottom to weigh down the bottles. Line them up as bowling pins, use a Frisbee to knock them down and score like regular bowling rules. Rules and Scoring

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Tip Game

Create a circle with 5-6 people. The goal is to get as many tips as possible before making the catch. You can either catch with 2 hands (beginner) or 1 hand (advanced). This game is a practice drill for Guts Frisbee, which is why learning to do this game with 1 hand is important.


Get five (or four) players together and determine a money amount per skin. We usually go for a dime because we are all pretty cheap. Next thing to do is to flip discs (or some better method) to determine the player order. The order established will remain unchanged.  You tee off after the same person

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Galaxy Wars

Galaxy Wars is essentially Schteattle Schtick, but with more than 2 teams. This is best played if you have 100+ kids, and 1 disc for every 1 or 2 players. Players are divided into equal teams of 10 to 40 and as many teams as you have space for. Each team will defend their associated

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