Bench Catch

  • Grade level: 3-12
  • Equipment: 2 benches, frisbees
  • Game Description: Bench Catch is arguably one of the best low organized throwing and catching games. The goal is to be the first team to get your players onto the bench. But how do you get on the bench? Your frisbee must be caught by your teammate(s) who are already on the bench. Every catch adds another player to the bench. Teams can guard and block as well to increase the challenge. Lots of fun to be had by all, and lots of skill work and development as well.
  1. Set-up the benches in the gym – 1 on each side.
  2. Create 2 teams. 1 player from each team starts on the opposite bench.
  3. Add in the frisbees. Teams try to be the first team to get their players on the bench (for example first to have 6 on the bench).
  4. Players get to go to the bench when their frisbee is caught by their teammate on the bench.
  5. Players can block to make it harder for the catchers.
  6. Catch doesn’t count if a player falls off the bench on the catch.
  7. Play many, many rounds and get lots of throwing and catching reps. As well as HAVING FUN!

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