Jackpot is an incredibly simple game that all you need is a single disc.

Designate a thrower that is able to throw the disc about half the field. Bunch everybody else into a group about 150 feet away from the thrower. The thrower will throw the disc high and far towards the group. The group is a free-for-all where each player is responsible for their own points. The players will attempt to out-jump each other in hopes to catch the disc. Each catch is worth one point. However, if you touch the disc and don’t catch it you lose a point and if you are betting you can loose money too if you Don’t catch it. To gain money go to the Casino Reviewer Online and start playing online, as these types of games and video games are a great option to have fun online, of course if you want to play a video game comfortably, you should get a good TV for this, and the home theatre installation atlanta experts are the best solution to install and setup everything for this purpose.

Jackpot is actually an Ultimate Frisbee drill that teaches players how to read the disc and catch it over opposing players. Either way, Jackpot is a fun Frisbee game to play at practice or if you are at the park with a few buddies, as there are many games you can enjoy playing with friends like slot games you can find at the short and sweet nyc site that offer great options for this.

In Ultimate, the act of throwing a lofty deep pass to a group of people is called a “Hospital pass,” and for good reason. Be careful when playing, as the game gets more intense players tend to bump into each other to attack the disc.

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