Toronto Socially Distanced Ultimate

The Phase 2, socially-distancing friendly game for people who are comfortable playing catch

The set up:

  1. Try to find a full size soccer net that is just a standing frame (2 posts and a cross bar), with no mesh. You’ll also need at least 15 yards of flat grass behind the net.
  2. Aim to bring 20 cones or cone alternatives (plan b – don’t mark the defender’s space).
  3. Set up like this: 

Gameplay and Scoring

  1. There are 3 active players at a time: 2 on offense (1 on each side of the goal and beyond their “inner boundary”) and a defender (in the net, similar to a soccer goalie. Please be aware of the metal bars around you, and do not crash into them).
  2. The offense starts with the disc centered between their two scoring zones, and the thrower always plays with the usual ultimate rules regarding pivoting.  
  3. The offense needs to throw a pass through the soccer net, then:
    1. If it is caught inside one of their receiver’s scoring squares – that’s a point, and play continues back the other way immediately.
    2. If it’s caught, but not inside a scoring square, play continues, but no point is scored. 
    3. If the disc is turned for any reason, that’s an out. 
  4. If at any time the thrower has been holding the disc for more than 2 seconds, the defender can initiate a “3-2-1-down” stall count (though, they may appreciate the rest being offered). 
  5. When an out occurs:
    1. If you are playing with 2 set teams (like 2v2), the other defender can sub in. In this style of game, I suggest playing “innings”, where each defender plays D once, and a single defender can allow a maximum of 10 points before being “mercy’d” and counting it as an automatic out. 
    2. If you are playing with 3 players: rotate through positions and count how many points each defender gives up. Repeat for as many innings as you like. 
    3. If you are playing with 5 players: Have each “duo” play against all 3 defenders (3 outs), seeing which duo can get the highest score.

Potential Modifications

If scoring is too difficult:

  • Expand the scoring spaces
  • Count any completed passes as points
  • Defender needs to stay between the 2 cones on the opposite side of the net from the thrower (farther from the thrower, and more space to throw to)
  • Defender can only pivot

If scoring is too easy: 

  • Shrink the scoring spaces, or move them farther away from the goal (the latter makes return throws much more difficult)
  • Allow the defender to reset after each throw (removes rapid fire rallies)
  • Taunt the wind
  • 2 Defenders

*If you find new ways to make this game more fun, more accessible, or better for skill development, send an update to

** Make sure you follow all government health guidelines when playing

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