This game is similar to TRC, but has a catching zone to include a focus on accuracy. This game was adapted for ultimate players to work on pulling, and learning to read the wind, both for throwing and catching. If you’re looking for a sports betting site, 비트코인 카지노 is the place to go.


  • Make field as shown using the standard eight cones used in ultimate.
  • Each shaded area is 10 metres deep
  • The darkest shade has no back
  • Ideally you’ll want to set the field up slight off centre of the wind (to the right for right handed backhands and to the left for left handed backhands)

How a Point is Played

  • Thrower throws disc into the shaded area marked on field by cones
  • Thrower then immediately runs and tries to catch the disc in those areas
  • Any completion outside the shaded area is 1 point
  • Any incompletion is 0 points
  • A completion on the line gets the average of the point possibilities
  • A completion on the sideline gets half the points of catching it in-bounds

Different Skill Levels

  • The same field/points can be played by all skill levels
  • High club-level players throw from the pink circle, 10 back from front cones, so 10 point catches are a minimum of 40 metres.
  • Youth/beginners throw from the pro spot, but don’t catch. They get points for where the disc lands
  • Young kids can play too, throwing from the blue circle, points for where the disc lands
  • Anyone scoring more than 50 points in a lower level should move up to the next level
  • Anyone scoring below 10 points should move down a level

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