Disc Bowling

If you have bowling pins, great!

If not, use a few soda bottles, or plastic water bottles. You may want to put a little water in the bottom to weigh down the bottles. Line them up as bowling pins, use a Frisbee to knock them down and score like regular bowling rules.

Rules and Scoring

Bowling is relatively straightforward. A game consists of 10 frames and the bowler is allowed to throw the disc two times in each frame to attempt to knock down all the pins. A strike is when the player succeeds in knocking down all ten pins with the first throw. A spare is when the player is able to knock down the remaining pins with the second throw. An open frame is one where the player is not able to knock down all the pins during the frame.

If an open frame was bowled, the player receives one point for each pin that was knocked down. If a spare was achieved, the score sheet will show a ‘/’ mark in the right-hand square and once the player throws their next throw, 10 bonus points will be added to the total number of pins knocked down by that one turn. Similarly, if a strike is bowled, the score sheet is marked with an ‘X’ and the bowler receives 10 bonus points to the number of pins knocked down in the next two throws.

In the example below, the player bowled a strike, so the form is marked with the ‘X’. The next two throws the player knocked down a total of 9 pins, so he received a score of 19 for the strike (10 bonus points + 9) and then 9 points added to the strike score for the 9 pins he knocked down the frame following the strike (19 + 3 + 6 = 28).

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