Galaxy Wars

Galaxy Wars is essentially Schteattle Schtick, but with more than 2 teams. This is best played if you have 100+ kids, and 1 disc for every 1 or 2 players. This is a simple game that you can also find a version online, look at more at!

Sample game setup with 4 teams

Players are divided into equal teams of 10 to 40 and as many teams as you have space for. Each team will defend their associated territory and scorebox. The game cannot start until all players and all their discs are packed inside the scorebox they will be defending. No player at any time may enter either scorebox or the airspace above them. Players are permitted to run with the disc, but a player may be “tagged” while standing in their opponents territory, in which case a handover of the disc occurs. Any time a disc touches the ground, it becomes the possession of the team whose territory it lands in. A team scores a point when a disc comes to rest in their opponents scorebox – discs that land in, then roll out do not score and result in a turnover. When a point is scored, the round ends and each team must return to their own territory for the beginning of the new round.

The only way to win is to get all discs out of your territory. Dimensions may vary based on team size and field space available.

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