Mini Guts

Guts, with a mini disc, mixed with dodgeball.



It is played by two teams with anywhere from 2 to unlimited players per team. The official disc is the Wham-O Mini Frisbee due to its light weight and superior aerodynamics. The playing field consists of two goals lines 15 feet apart marked by shoes, bottles, or a proper line. The teams stand in line opposite each other. The players on each team stand side by side, elbow width apart (Guts is arms width apart). Each team defends a goal-line. The disc is thrown back and forth between the teams. The object is to throw the disc through the line of defending players.

What makes Mini Guts different from Guts is that there are no points scored in a game. The scoring in Mini Guts is a mix of Guts and Dodgeball.

If the receiving team does not catch the throw*, the player who either a) first touched the disc, or b) had the disc fly closest to them is eliminated. If a player on the receiving team catches the disc*, then a) the thrower is eliminated and b) one player from the receiving team who has been eliminated is back in the game (in the order which they were eliminated).

The first team to have all of their players eliminated loses, and then everyone is back in the game. Teams switch sides every two games.

*Valid Throw

What determines if a throw is valid? A good throw is a throw that crosses the throwing line but that is lower than elbow height and inside elbow width on the ends of the line of receivers. This is measured by players putting up their “chicken wings”, or simply holding up elbows as you tuck your hands into your arm pits.

*Valid Catch

In order for a catch to be valid, it must be made with one hand and involve one point of contact on any single player. Therefore, a two-handed catch, or a one handed trap catch wouldn’t count. However, one player could trap the disc with one hand on another player’s body, as long as each player only has one point of contact with the disc.

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