Battle Royale


One frisbee per person

Suggested Ages:

Grade 3+


Everyone will have the frisbee balancing upside down on the palm of their hand. The goal is to knock the frisbee off your opponents hand while not letting them knock the frisbee off your hand. You can switch the frisbee from one hand to the other but you are not allowed to trap the frisbee against your body, hold it with two hands, or grab it with one hand. It must be free balancing in order to be an active player. If you drop the frisbee or someone knocks it off your hand, pick it up, balance the frisbee, and keep playing.


Although this game works best as a free play game without any player being eliminated, it can also be a lot of fun to have players eliminated when the frisbee is knocked off their hand, or if they drop the frisbee on the ground. When you get down to fewer and few players, you can shrink the playing area and when the game is down to 2 players, you can have them both in a circle and make the final battle like a fencing match.

This game is a ton of fun, it’s great exercise, and it’s great for players of all ages!

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