Around 9

Around 9 is a basically simple, highly enjoyable target game.

  • It can be played by many or a few
  • It develops hand-eye coordination and depth perception
  • It requires minimum space
  • It requires little or no supervision
  • It involves a relatively low budget installation with high use factor
  • It permits either formal competition or informal play

There are nine (9) throwing positions, each two (2) feet further from the hole than the first, which is twelve (12) feet. Each throwing position is 40 degrees, counter-clockwise, from the preceding position. For indoor play, where wind is not a factor, all throwing positions may be on a straight line from the hole. This game develops hand/eye coordination and disc golf putting skills for disc players of all ages.

One attempt is made from each throwing position. Points are scored each time the thrown disc comes to rest in the disc golf basket. The number of points awarded is based on the throwing position number. The maximum possible score is 45 points.

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