Wheelchair Ultimate

There are no referees. Each player is responsible for knowing the rules and calling their own violations as well as resolving any disputes themselves. Mutual respect is a necessary element for the game to work.

  1. Players try to advance the frisbee down the court by passing it back and forth to their teammates.
  2. A player must stop at least one of their wheels before throwing and should attempt to stop as quickly as they safely can after a catch.
  3. No intentional contact with another player is allowed, and you cannot knock the frisbee out of a player’s hand once they have caught it.
  4. Any incomplete or intercepted pass results in a change of possession. It does not matter who touched it last unlike in soccer, basketball or hockey; even if the frisbee has been knocked out of bounds. A frisbee which has been knocked out of bounds should be brought back in at the spot it went out, without intentional delay.
  5. To score, a player must catch the frisbee in the scoring zone they are advancing towards. The location of the frisbee is what is important, not the location of the chair.
  6. After a score, the frisbee should be handed or tossed to a member of the other team who is in the scoring zone.
  7. For competitive play, a player must throw the frisbee within 10 seconds of catching the frisbee.

Helpful Tips

  • Upside down throws are generally easier to throw from a wheelchair, especially the upside down backhand and the scoober.
  • Competitive wheelchair athletes also tend to be very good at the sport, but are often very focused on training for their main sport, so sometimes you’ll have more participation from recreational groups at the beginning.

Verbiage adapted from 10 Million Discs: https://10milliondiscs.org/wheelchair-ultimate.

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