First Bird

Ideal for advanced and pro players on a short or junior size course

Recommended 4-6 players

How it’s played:

  1. Players flip to determine order on the first hole
  2. Players tee off with the intention of scoring the most points by its round end (9 holes)


  1. Disc that comes to rest closest to the pin (CTP) gets 1 point
  2. All birdies get 1 point
  3. First birdie in (furthest out to birdie) gets an additional 1 point
  4. Hitting the cage or chains on first throw also gets 1 point (pole doesn’t count)
  5. “Hole in one” gets 3 points plus eliminates the point for CTP and the point for first birdie

Throwing order remains the same until there is a point leader change. After that, the players with the most points tee first in order of highest to lowest.

The strategy is to get CTP if possible, but not be the one furthest out with the makeable birdie. Players that fall behind in points want to be more aggressive and go for the hole in one.


*created by Joe Ursino

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