DiscHoops Rim – Purchase

At least one official DiscHoops Rim, and one official DiscHoops disc.

DiscHoops Court Layout

The Court: DiscHoops was designed to utilize the measurements of a regulation basketball court, and can be played either full court or half court. In a full court game, one DiscHoops rim is attached to each basketball goal. In a half court game, only one DiscHoops rim is needed, and the player must take the disc back to half court on every possession change prior to attempting a shot. There is no “back court” violation in Disc Hoops.

The Fly Zone: No player may cross into the Fly Zone (marked in RED) at any time. If a player crosses into the Fly Zone, that player has committed a Violation, and a point is immediately awarded to the opposing team.

Out of Bounds: The outer edge of the court is considered out of bounds (marked in BLUE). If a player in possession of the disc steps on or over a boundary line, he is considered out of bounds, and the disc will be awarded to the opposing team. A player is considered in possession of the disc if he is the last individual to have made contact with the disc.

DiscHoops Game Play 

DiscHoops can be played as a team sport or as a hit and miss challenge game like “Horse.”When playing the team sport, DiscHoops is played with 2 or more players on each team. The official team size is 4 players per team. At the flip of the official DiscHoops disc, one team is designated “offense,” and the other team is designated “defense.”  The offensive team always starts the game with the disc.

After the offensive team selects which rim they wish to score on, they will throw the disc in from the opposite baseline of their DiscHoops rim. The player must throw in the disc into play within 5 seconds. If they fail to accomplish this, the defensive team is awarded the disc for a throw in opportunity. They will have the same 5 second limit to throw the disc into play.

When a player receives a pass, they are allowed only two steps forward after the catch – they cannot stop and go. From that position, they may establish a  pivot foot and throw the disc to another teammate, or they can move side-to-side, parallel to the baseline, with disc at hand to look for an open shot or a pass. They may only have possession of the disc for 10 seconds. If a player in possession of the disc does not pass or shoot within 10 seconds, the disc turns over to the opposing team. If the offensive and the defensive teams both have possession of the disc at the same time, the disc will be awarded to the defensive team.

Defense must stay arms distance from the offense player. However, offensive screens are allowed to set a pick, as in basketball. A loose disc is up for grabs from either team.

The offense team scores one point when the disc is thrown and passes through the DiscHoops rim. You can throw the disc through the DiscHoops rim from anywhere on the playing court, except in the “Fly Zone.”.  If the disc is thrown from behind the three point line and passes through the DiscHoops rim, the team that scored will be awarded two points.

You can speed the pace of the game by adding a 60 second shot clock – any team possessing the disc must attempt a shot within every 60 second period or the disc turns over to the opposing team.

The team with the most points when the chosen time period expires is declared the winner of the DiscHoops competition. If there is a tie at the end of the time period, players will initiate a sudden death match – the first team to make a point wins the competition.

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