Speed Lid Golf

Run fast, throw accurately, improve stamina

Speed lid golf is a fun game and workout when Ultimate isn’t happening. It combines Discathon, Ultimate and Disc Golf.

Rules of play:
– Throw a lid (Discraft Ultrastar, Innova Pulsar, Innova Makani or equivalent)
– Times are from start to finish, completing an entire loop of the course, i.e. start clock on tee#1 stop clock on return to tee #1
–┬áPlay Out of Bounds (OB) as 1 stroke penalty
– Pivot point 360┬░ on spot where the disc lies
– Disc landing in basket, hanging in chains or resting on top of pole hole counts as “in”
– Alternative is to play the pole holes as objects: disc contacting any metal of pole hole counts as “in”
– Disc landing in water can be played from the nearest spot of dry land, no closer to the hole
– After throwing, if you can catch up to the disc before it stops moving, you can stop it and take your next shot from that spot i.e., disc is rolling down a hill or floating down a stream

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