The fastest and most affordable disc golf course (requires a Stiiicks kit)

  1. Stick the 3 STIIICKS into the ground more than 10 feet apart from each other.
  2. Decide the course and set up to throw at the 1st STIIICK
  3. Players will take turns throwing discs to hit the yellow top of the STIIICK (farthest away throws)
  4. Keep track of how many throws it takes to hit the STIIICK.
  5. Stand next to STIIICK One and go after STIIICK Two.

Target Practice

  1. Set up 1 STIIICK in the ground
  2. Take one step back from the STIIICK and throw the disc trying to hit the yellow part of the STIIICK
  3. If you hit the STIIICK, take another step back and throw it again
  4. Throw until you miss
  5. See who can get farther away

Twenty One

  1. Set up 2 STIIICKS 15ft apart
  2. Each player (can be teams of 2) will throw a disc at each others the STIIICKS
  3. One point for partner macking disc into STIIICK
  4. Two points for hitting the gray part of the STIIICK
  5. Three Points for hitting the yellow part of the STIIICK
  6. First to 21 wins the game

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