Players needed: 6-10
Equipment: 1 frisbee

Two teams of 3-5 will separate about 25 feet away from each other on level ground. Each team should designate an experienced thrower that can perfectly throw a chest-level, flat, and accurate pass to the opposing team. Anyway, the game will start by the thrower giving a nice pass to the center of the other team. A player on the other team will “tip” the disc to another teammate. The biggest rule is that you have to catch with one hand! 1 tip and a catch equals 1 point. You can tip to a teammate who can tip it again to another to catch for a total 2 points (1+1). If no catch is made then the points don’t count. A hand-tip is 1 point, a foot-tip is 2 points, and a head-tip is 3 points. The team will then throw an easy pass to your team for your chance to score. You can tip as many times as long as it results in a one-handed catch.

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