Frisbee Hoops

Players needed: 2-4
Cost: 1 frisbee

Hoops can only be played in a gym with basketball hoops. Your team stands under one hoop and the other team under the opposite hoop. One team will start by, without moving, throwing the disc at your hoop. If the disc hits backboard it is 1 point, net is 2 points, rim is 3 points, and getting it in the hoop is 5 points. You can defend your hoop if you can jump high enough to block the disc from hitting the net or the bottom of the backboard or even the rim.  First to 21 points wins. However, if you have 20 points and hit rim (which is 3 points) you lose 3 points because you have to get exactly 21 to win. If you get exactly 21, each player on the other team has one chance for redemption to make it to 21. If they make it, the game resets and first to 7 points wins. Let’s say the disc hits backboard, bounces of the rim, and goes into the hoop. We do not add the points together so this would only equal 5 points.

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