Two sticks/poles act as goals about 40 yards from each other. There is a pair of sticks in the middle with 10 yards apart from them(see shitty diagram). Two teams of 3-5. The goal is to hit a stick at either end, after passing through the middle(think of a vertical plane than extends infinitely up) sticks, to score a point; it’s like a ‘pass before you shoot’ rule. After a completion is thrown through the middle, the team can attack either stick/goal; so there’s a lot of doubling back. Make-it-take-it applies. The game is started with one team standing at one stick and trying to hit the other(kind of like a pull). If they hit it then a point is scored immediately, if not, it’s treated like a pull and the disc is in play. The receiving team may not interfere with the pulling team’s attempt to hit the stick.

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