18 players (2 teams of 9); 1 disc; 7 cones

Set up a diamond, similar to baseball.  There is no pitcher (like teeball), otherwise the fielding positions are similar.  The “batter” simply throws the disc from homebase, and must rethrow if it is a foul or doesn’t travel at least 5m.  The batter may run up to throw, but if they release too late, then it is also a foul.  Three fouls mean the batter is out..  The batter is also out if their throw is caught on the full.  Runners are out if the disc reaches the base they are running towards before they do. Only the fielders on a base (the basemen) may run with the disc; everyone else must throw it to a baseman.  The batting team gets a run each time a runner reaches home base, when they get 3 outs the teams switch roles.  For safety reasons, the fielders should be required to be at least 5m away from the batter.

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