Gollum is played like the game of Guts, except:

  • Teams are 1, 2 or 3 players each. For this tournament, we will use 2 person teams.
  • The foul and goal lines are 3.5 metres apart.
  • Players on each team alternate as throwers.
  • Throws may not be “too fast” i.e. achieve their effectiveness primarily through speed rather than unpredictable movement.
  • Low or no spin throws are typically used. No angle limitations are used on disc flight.
  • A “soak” (clean catch directly from flight) scores 1 point for the catching team.
  • An “ace” (a good throw which scores without a member of the receiving team touching the disc with his hand or forearm) scores 2 points for the throwing team.
  • Games are played to 15 points with a margin of victory of at least 2 points. The final point of the game may not be scored by a bad throw. A bad throw on the final point is to be replayed (same thrower).

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