Stubby Guts

Stubby Guts is a game which descends from the guts family, but one can also detect some relationship with beer races.

There are two teams (recommended 4 per team). The teams are separated by exactly some meters or more of empty space (see picture).

Stubby Guts court sketch

Every player has two cans of beer. one which is empty in front of him and one regular behind him (see picture).

aardvark playing stubby guts

If you play in teams of 4, you use 4 discs.

Now you start throwing the disc at the other team’s cans. If a front can falls, the player who owns it has to take a sip from the rear can. If a rear can falls, the player has to finish it. Every player is allowed to defend his rear can but not the front can.

If you catch a disc single-handed, the player who threw it has to take a sip from his can.

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