Frisbeer is a college drinking game that is gaining in popularity. The only drawback is it’s mostly played outside, so depending on where your college or university is located, it could be tough to play year round.


Frisbeer Overview

Frisbeer is a drinking game involving a frisbee, 2 teams of 2 people, 2 bricks or stones, and 2 bottles (plastic bottles filled with some water work best). The objective is to score points by knocking down your opponents bottle with the frisbee.

Frisbeer Setup

The two teams are usually set up similar to beer pong or horse shoes about 25 feet apart. The bottle should be placed on the brick so a frisbee sliding on the ground won’t knock the bottle over. Two plastic cups are filled a quarter to half way with beer and placed to the side equidistant from both teams (out of the way of the game).

Frisbeer Gameplay

Each team gets to throw the frisbee once (From behind their own bottle) to try to knock over the bottle. The players on each team alternate throwing the frisbee each turn.

Frisbeer Defense

The opposing team can try and play defense: After the frisbee touches the ground or some other object, the frisbee can be swatted down. Wherever the frisbee is swatted down the team who swatted the frisbee can throw from that location (if it is closer than their bottle).

Frisbeer Scoring

Each bottle that is knocked over is one point.

When the bottle gets knocked over

Offensive Players: The player that knocked the bottle over runs as fast as possible to get the frisbee and throw it back to his or her opponent who tries to knock the frisbee down into their own bottle for an extra point.

Defensive Players: At the same time, the team who got their bottle knocked over first runs to the middle of the field (off to the side out of the direct line between the bottles) where 2 half cups of beer are waiting. They must chug the beer first then they can try to swat down the throw for the extra point.

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