Flutter Guts

A variant of Guts. The aim is essentially the same, namely to catch a disc thrown by the opposing team with one hand only, no trapping against the body. The difference is that the teams are closer and the throws are only allowed to be soft (unlike Guts, where the throws are often over 120km/h). The trick is to throw passes which are spinning in unusual ways, and which are very hard to catch with a single hand grab.

Number of players: 6 players (3 on 3); 1 disc; 4 cones

This game can be used to increase eye-hand co-ordination.  Two teams of three players stand facing each other about 2-3 metres apart.  One team “serves” a slow, wobbly throw to the other team which must try to catch it with one hand.  The disc must pass between the head and the knees and must be soft or it is a no-throw and must be thrown again.

The disc may be bobbled and touched by any team member before it is caught, but no two hands or players may touch it at the same time.  Also, “trapping” is not allowed, where the disc is trapped between the hand and another part of the body.  The disc may be kept alive by hitting it with any body part as long as it is not a trap, and the receiving team may move anywhere they like to make a play on the disc.

A point is scored for the throwing team if the defending team doesn’t catch the throw. However, if the throw is uncatchable (too high or wide or hits the ground before reaching the other team) then the defending team gets a point. After the disc hits the ground or is caught, the receiving team then serves the disc. The first team to 11 wins.

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