Five hundred (500) is another good game when numbers are low, but can also be played with larger sides. Split into two team, preferably where the players on the same have roughly equal catching ability. Teams stand facing each other about 30m-40m apart. A player from one team throws the disc into the air above the other team, and the players on that team try to catch it. Scoring is as follows (although it may be altered as desired) :

  • Catching a contestable throw – 100 points
  • Catching an incontestable throw – 50 points
  • Making a layout catch – bonus 50 points
  • Not laying out for a catchable throw – lose 50 points
  • Throwing an incontestable throw (catchable swill) – lose 50 points
  • Throwing an uncatchable throw (uncatchable swill) – lose 100 points
  • Throwing a catchable throw which is not touched – 100 points

Uncontestable refers to a throw which can only be caught by one person. The next throw is made by whoever catches the previous throw, or anyone, if the throw is dropped. The aim for the throwers is to throw high, floaty, and difficult to read but possible to catch throws. The first person to score 500 points wins. To even the teams up after each game, the person with the lowest score on the team that has the winner swaps with the person with the highest score on the other team.

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