Also known as: Suzy Sticks or Fricket

The game is played by throwing an Ultimate disc (175 gram) at a set of two PVC pipes (“sticks”) that are 16 inches apart and have 12 or 16 oz plastic (Solo) cups at the top of the pipes. Each set of sticks are placed 40’ apart from each other to form the playing field. Teams take turns attempting to “split the sticks” with perfect throws while their opponents try to score points on defense with clean one-handed catches of cups that fly wildly off of the sticks when stuck.

Competition can be one on one or the preferred two person teams.


  • 18” lengths of 1/2″ rebar, space the holes on 2X4’s 16″ apart.
  • Hammer into ground so that 4 to 6″ of the rebar sticks out above 2X4.
  • Use ½” PVC pipe 30″ long for the sticks.
  • Have extra cups or duct tape on hand to repair cups that get crushed during play

Scoring Rules:

  • If the disc hits the ground in front of the pipes or the supporting wood, no points are awarded to either team (unless a cup is caught – see below).
  • If the disc goes through the pipes without touching either pipe, cup, or supporting wood, the throwing team scores two points.
  • If the disc hits the pipe or cup but the cup stays on no points are awarded.
  • If a cup or pipe is struck and the cup becomes airborne then a point is up for grabs. If a cup hits the ground without being caught, the throwing team gets one point for each cup that hits the ground. If the defending team is able to catch a cup cleanly with one hand before it hits the ground they get one point for each caught cup. Bobbling (even between team members) is fine as long as two hands do not touch the cup simultaneously or the cup is not trapped against the body.
  • If a defender accidentally knocks cups off of their own pipe, the throwing team scores a point for each cup that hits the ground. If a defender manages to catch that dislodged cup, then no point is scored.
  • Defenders are allowed to take any anticipatory position as long as their hand is no closer that a disc’s diameter from a cup or stick.
  • They may not touch a disc until after it has passed by their sticks. If the defending team interrupts the flight of the disc before it reaches the sticks or holds any cups on the pipe, the disc goes back to the throwers for a re-throw without any points scored.
  • Foot faults occur if a thrower steps beyond the sticks and a defender calls “foot fault”. No points will be awarded to the thrower. If the call is undisputed, any caught cups will still score for the defenders. If the call is disputed, the disc returns to the thrower for a re-throw with no points awarded to either team.

Games are played to 11, 15 or 21 with a switch of sides when one team reaches 6, 8 or 11 points.

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