Players: Two players & Up

Equipment: One Disc per player

Playing Area: Any Area with a grouping of poles; Light poles, Sign posts on campuses, in parks or in parking lots. This is a good game for road trips.

Object: Like Disc Golf, complete a designated course in as few strokes as possible.

Scoring: A stroke is counted for every throw taken in navigating the course.

The Pole Course: By agreement of all players, the pole course includes a selected group of poles and an
order in which each pole must be hit.

Play of Game: First Player throws at first pole. Other players throw in order. Once a pole is hit, the thrower can head for the next pole. More than one pole can be hit on the same throw.

Technical Rules:

  1. A player is allowed to pivot and reach towards the next pole.
  2. Disc must leave the thrower’s hand before it can hit the pole.
  3. Before play, all players must agree on what part of the pole must be hit to be considered a “hit”. That is, is the base a part of the hole?

Useful Throws: Rollers & Hammers

Strategy Tips: If you can’t positively hit the pole, lay up behind the pole to set up your next shot.

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